User Consultation Meeting #3

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UCM#3 (Reading, June 2015)

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Date and location: University of Reading, UK, 11-12 June 2015

Organisers: John Remedios, Darren Ghent (, Chris Merchant, Claire Bulgin ( and Simon Pinnock (

Registration is now open for the 3rd GlobTemperature User Consultation Meeting which will take place over 1.5 days in Reading, UK from 09:00 local time on Thursday 11th June 2015 to 13:00 local time on Friday 12th June 2015 and will be hosted by the University of Reading. The meeting is open to all who are interested in attending, and there will be no registration fee. Please register through this link: registration process.

Meeting Objectives

Following successful previous meetings, the aim of this 3rd consultation meeting is to provide a forum for the satellite Land, Ice and Lake Surface Temperature (LST / IST / LSWT) and Land Surface Air Temperature (LSAT) communities to share experiences and review developments in satellite retrievals and data sets.

The meeting will consolidate current User Requirements, assess the provision of LST, IST and LSWT products from the GlobTemperature Data Portal, and explore and communicate understanding on nomenclature, validation and intercomparison approaches, and uncertainties.

By bringing the international land surface temperature and emissivity communities together the meeting aims to cultivate communication between users and data providers, providing a forum to develop strategies and collaborations to maximise the uses of satellite surface temperature data for the long term.

There will be opportunities at the meeting to deliver oral/poster presentations for which participants can submit abstracts as part of the registration process. The deadline for abstract submission is Wednesday 1st April 2015.

A limited amount of travel support is available and will be assessed on a case-by-case basis subject to the approval of ESA. Please contact the GlobTemperature Project Scientist – Darren Ghent ( – to put forward any request for travel support.

A preliminary programme will be released in due course.

Other meetings

The meeting will be followed by the 3rd General Meeting of the International LST and Emissivity Working Group (ILSTE-WG) from 14:00 – 16:00 on Friday 12th June 2015.

This year the GlobTemperature User Consultation Meeting will also be collocated with both the 4th EarthTemp Network Meeting and the 6th LSA SAF Workshop.

The 4th EarthTemp Network Workshop on Exploring the complexity of urban surface temperatures will take place at the University of Reading and runs from lunchtime on Monday 8th to Wednesday 10th June. Information on the EarthTemp Network Workshop can be be found at

The 6th EUMETSAT Satellite Application Facility on Land Surface Analysis (LSA SAF) Workshop will take place at the University of Reading and runs from Tuesday 9th to Wednesday 10th June. This workshop is open to the wide community of experts in remote sensing and users of land surface satellite products. Information on the Workshop can be found on the LSA SAF website (

Useful Information

Venue: the GlobTemperature meeting location is building 59 on the Whiteknights campus, University of Reading (see map link:

Directions to the university can be found here:

If you require a parking permit please request one from Claire Bulgin (

Suggested hotels include:

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